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Where to Eat in London

I stopped in London to search out affordable and interesting places to eat.  Long disparaged, English food has had a renaissance with innovative chefs following global trends in the pursuit of locally sourced, farmers market fresh ingredients.  Ottolenghi My wife's cousin who lives in Switzerland insisted that when we were in London, we had to go to Yotam Ottolenghi' s food shops selling ready-made or, as the English call it, "take-away" salads, mains and desserts. I visited the Belgravia Ottolenghi at 13 Motcomb Street (there are others in Noting Hill, Islington and Kensington and a small sit down restaurant called Nopi near Oxford Circus). Ottolenghi is a showman who puts his flashiest products in the front window. The tarts, cup cakes, muffins and cookies are drop dead gorgeous. Just inside the shop, farmers market fresh salads are displayed in large oval bowls on elevated platforms, the better to grab your attention. Almost as an afterthought, the few