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Slide Show: Old Favorites and New Trends in Utah Food

Better known for adventure activities and skiing, Utah now has quality restaurants with classically trained chefs who pride themselves on their pursuit of local ingredients. This summer, we sent our traveling foodie, David Latt, to check out the scene and give us a report. He started in Salt Lake City with a meal at a quintessential Mormon restaurant.

Utah's Pioneer Traditions
To listen to executive chef David Bench talk about cooking, everything he knows he learned from his mom. 
The restaurant where he is executive chef, the Lion House Pantry (63 East South Temple, Salt Lake City 84150, 801/539-3257), has the low-ceiling-feel of an old fashioned English inn. But this isn't London, this is Utah and the Lion House Pantry is the main restaurant in Temple Square, the complex of historic and modern buildings that make up the headquarters of the Mormon Church in Salt Lake City.
To understand the new trends in the Utah food scene, the Lion House Pantry is a good place to start because …