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An Onsen, a Castle and a 250 Million Year Old Cave in Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan's Shoryudo Region

Shizuoka Prefecture  is famously the home of  Mt. Fuji , Japan’s most revered landmark. West from Tokyo, mid-way to Kyoto, the prefecture is a popular destination because of the natural beauty of its mountains, lakes, rivers and Pacific Ocean coastline.   The area is as well-known for the many battles that took place during the  Sengoku Period  (1467-1615), a time of instability when Japan’s  daimyō s (local lords) fought against one another. Ultimately, after great bloodshed and turmoil, a unified Japan was created, leading to a time of peace that lasted more than two-hundred and fifty years.  For anyone who loves history, good food and nature, an adventure in Shizuoka Prefecture hits all the sweet spots. Kanzanji Onsen Hotel Kokonoe - Hot Water, Cold Rain, Great Food After spending a full day enjoying the attractions of Shizuoka Prefecture, we arrived after dark at  Kanzanji Onsen Hotel Kokonoe .  Our guide,  Masayo Atobe , recommended I visit the onsen before