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Advice If Your Child Is Traveling On Their Own

International travel is a great way for kids to have fun experiences in worlds beyond school and home. For parents it can be a really good time but also stressful when children travel on their own. Our sons are good travelers. They are smart and careful. They love experiencing other cultures and landscapes. Over the years I developed a to-do list for them so they are ready to get the best out of the experience. The to-do list helps me as well. I want to know they are having a good time and  that they are safe and know how to navigate their travel environment. Because there is a great difference between travel destinations, we are lucky to have the internet to research the attractions and safety issues of just about any venue. Here is an email I sent our son when he was getting ready for a week's vacation to an island in the Caribbean. Good morning. We’re very happy you’re going on your trip. That’s so cool. It’s going to be beautiful there. Remember to bring sunscreen. Fr