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Rib Cookouts Fit the Bill

TO BE ADDED AT THE END So where do the big guys like to eat when they’re on the road? Butch eats ribs from old friend Ray “Red” Allen Gill’s Razorback, stopping by Red’s place in Arkansas and when they’re at events competing against one another. Peter and Roberta Rathmann of Nevada Barbeque Company: BJ’s--the only Sparks barbeque restaurant at the competition—-try small, family operations when they travel because they want to see what people like themselves are doing. Joe Alexander of Rasta Joe’s likes Corky’s in Memphis, Tennessee for the pulled pork and ribs. But surprisingly, what most cookers recommend isn’t what you’d think. Most agree with Bill Wall who says, “The honest truth is I don’t eat a lot of barbecue. I love to visit and see barbecue places [when he’s traveling]. But when I’m going out to eat, I like Caesar salads and shrimp, a good pasta or a great piece of meat.” Unlike Bill and the other cookers, I rarely get the chance to eat great ribs