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Loudoun County Food

Twenty-five miles west of busy Washington, D.C., Loudoun County is close enough to be far away. Dominated by vineyards and horse farms, the idyllic setting can quiet the mood of anyone wanting to take a break from their over-stimulated life.   Leaving behind turnpikes and highways, travelers enter the slower paced world of small towns like  Middleburg ,  Leesburg ,  Lovettsville  and  Purcellville . Where to Eat Middleburg Equestrian farms surround Middleburg. A road trip on Route 50 takes visitors through beautifully maintained pasture land. There are fast-food outlets, but you are more likely to eat in a small restaurant or market that is soneone’s passion-project. For anyone who enjoys picnicking, Market Salamander  and  Home Farm Store  on Washington Street carry high-quality prepared foods, made-to-order sandwiches, whole cooked chickens, smoked turkey wings, charcuterie, cheese and desserts. Down the block and around the corner, you can stop for a good cup of coffee, a

Civil War Sites in Loudoun County, Virginia

With the start of the Civil War  Sesquicentennial  this year, the war between the states is being commemorated with special events, exhibits and reenactments. There are many well-known battlegrounds to visit: Gettysburg , of course,  Antietam , Bull Run and, where it all began, Fort Sumter . But those memorials can be jammed with tour buses. An alternative is to visit less crowded sites in Virginia where a third of all Civil War  battlefield encounters  took place. That so many battles were fought in Virginia makes sense when you look at the map. If you were the Confederate army, Virginia was the border state that put you within striking distance of Washington, D.C. For the North, the capitol of the Confederacy in Richmond, Virginia was a tempting target. Twenty five miles west of Washington, Loudoun County offers many advantages for travelers who want to visit Civil War sites.  Even before visiting in person, online sites offer immersive views with videos and 360-panoramas o