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Off Season Bargains in the Sonoma Wine Country

Spring is the perfect time for an off-season, weekend in California 's Sonoma Valle y . Premium rates don't begin until just before the Memorial Day weekend. Off-season extends from the end of harvest in November through mid-May. During December, January, and February there can be a bit of rain, which is good for the grapes. Even for visitors, the inclement weather adds to the valley's charms, especially with so many restaurants serving comfort food and delicious wines. During March and April, day time temperatures hover in the mid 60's to low 70's, with the nights still in fireplace-cozy mid-40s. A few buds are beginning to appear on the grape vines, but brilliantly colored wild flowers are already in full bloom. Fields of bright yellow mustard plants spread as far as the eye can see. Tall green grasses glistening in the morning light surround mile after mile of still dormant, grayish grape vines. The lifeless looking vines mask the vitality that is