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Escape to the Remarkable, Exotic Landscape of Southeastern Utah

In southeastern Utah, four hours drive from Salt Lake City International Airport, visitors can experience a landscape unique in the United States.  The vast, flat expanse of the Colorado Plateau is disrupted by massive rock formations that look like the play toys of a giant's child. The story of that formation is a  magical tale of earth forces in collision with one another. The National Parks and Moab in Southeastern Utah To reach  Arches National Park  and Canyonlands National Park --recently made more famous because the movie 127 Hours detailed the harrowing adventure of Aron Ralston-- drive south on Interstate 15   from Salt Lake City and continue south-east on Highway 6 at Spanish Fork. The highway passes through a flat and seemingly barren landscape, dotted with sagebrush and cheet grass. Nearby, there are plenty of majestic mountains in the area like 10,443 feet tall Monument Peak and its twin Mount Bartles, but they are too far away from the highway t